Things for kids to do in Tokyo and Yokohama

Body boarding at the Shirahama beach

Day 2

Another fantastically hot and sunny day at Shirahama. We took less video that yesterday, as sign that we are properly relaxing instead of being plugged in all the time.

While I had a lie in the girls went to the Izukyo Hotel baths. We had an awesome breakfast – filled ourselves up at the all you can eat buffet. With growing children buffets save me a small fortune.

After a swim we rented body boards and spent several hours pretending to be surfers. The sea was such that I didn’t want to leave the children unattended as the waves were strong enough to knock us all off our feet. Swimming here with children younger than ours may not be the best choice.

There is an outdoor shower at the hotel that we used to rinse all the sand off. We had a lovely time and could easily have stayed another day.

I think next year we shall return and try and stay longer, using it as a base on the remote chance that we don’t feel like swimming.

The food at the hotel was perfectly fine, and we were never hungry. I am quite happy that we didn’t have to eat one of those 20 dish traditional evening meals on the Saturday night.

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Summer holiday at the Hotel Izukyu next to Shirahama beach in Shimoda, Shizuoka, Japan

For our family holiday this year we stayed at the Hotel Izukyu, which as you can see is right next to Shimoda beach. We took a 6am train straight from Yokohama to Shimoda, then a free hotel courtesy bus to Hotel Izukyo. We were in the hotel pool by 11am. During August the sea is wonderfully warm, and we only wore t-shirts to protect ourselves from the intense sun at that time of year. The room was simple, but clean. We only needed to fall asleep in it after a hard days swimming and eating ice creams. There is a convini next to the beach, and a small Hawaiian style restaurant. We booked the buffet style evening meal and buffet breakfast. With growing children, I can highly recommend this! We didn’t buy any snacks during the day as they had filled themselves during meal time.

During our regular week we spend a fair amount of time watching video blogs by Casey Neistat, Jon Olson, and noticeably influencing the girls presentation, the wonderful Adrian Bliss. I’m fairly sure the girls idea to promote the sun cream (, and leave comments in the description is there is from there.

I had a Canon 550D (, and girls each had an old iPhone 5 ( and selfie stick ( They knew I would be compiling all the footage after the holiday, and I left it up to them to...

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Giant Yokohama trampoline at Kodomonokuni Children's Park

Another visit to the wonderful Kodomonokuni Koen children's park in Yokohama. It is huge, and can easily be visited on consecutive days without the children becoming tired. This time the girls wanted to play mostly on the giant trampoline. Sadly no grown ups are allowed on it.

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Mud, glorious mud - Amazing kids playground in Yokohama

This place is a dream come true for children aged 5 to 12! Younger than this and you will need to supervise them especially near the water, but if you can go as a group I’d highly recommend it. Kids are free to climb ropes, swing between trees, fall into water, and generally get covered in mud and do all the things that you would not let them usually do. None of the activities or water areas are supervised, so you must determine the amount of freedom you can safely give your child. Ours were old enough to be given a walkie talkie as it is quite a challenge to find them once they go exploring. It will get busy, but given there only so many allocated BBQ slots this limits the total number allowed into the venue. Expect there to be a queue of people outside before opening time, so book in advance or get there early. The watermelon bashing we did is a very tradition thing to do in Summer in Japan.....

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Kodomonokuni Koen, Children's Park, Yokohama

Kodomonokuni Koen. Plenty of things to do there but when its hot keep it simple - jump into the nearest stream. They are human-made not natural. The main pools did not open for another week at time of recording.

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